Thursday, August 29, 2013

8/29/13: "If you ain't scared... you ain't human."

Hello Friends!
And in honor of Dylan O'Brien's birthday being this week, we will start this blogpost with a dancing Dylan O'Brien gif.

And we will also be talking about the soon to be release of The Maze Runner in theaters for those who have yet to hear.

So this is just going to be a Dylan O'Brien/Maze Runner centered Blogpost! (but who would complain about that). The Maze Runner is written by James Dashner.

So let's talk about the book:

Title: The Maze Runner
Author: James Dashner
Genre: Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic
Books in Series: The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, The Kill Order
Rating: 4/5

The characters in this novel will become close to your heart. Most of the characters are teenage boys, with a pool of diverse characteristics.
The plot really pushes through, although sometimes drags and sometimes confuses, it will really intrigue you and open your mind to a whole new idea of the world's end.

The Maze Runner Movie

So far, we don't know much. We do have a full cast and stills, but no trailers or anything else. Here is some casting:

Dylan O'Brien as Thomas

Dylan is mainly known for is role as the beloved Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf but has also done other small things like The Internship and High Road. May I suggest Teen Wolf as an excellent TV series. You might be hesitant at first, but it is definitely worth your time.
Also, if you are having a bad day, let me direct you to this thirty second video of fifteen year old Dylan.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Newt

Thomas is a behind-the-scenes kinda guy. You might not notice him here, but let me list off a few things he's participated in.
Ferb Fletcher in Phineas and Ferb
Jojen Reed in Game of Thrones
 and can we just mention that he was in the one episode of Doctor Who with David Tennant? 
Yeah this kid is awesome. 

Blake Cooper as Chuck

This kid has hardly stared in anything, but he looks like he could be the literal incarnation of the chubby, cute, and innocent character Chuck in The Maze Runner. 
So that is just a few of the cast members! James Dashner will also be writing the screenplay and our director is Wes Ball, who directed many a Star Trek shorts.

The movie will be shot in Louisiana, and is expected to be released February 14th, 2014.

Get excited guys, because this is an exceptional book and is going to be an exceptional movie.

If you want to read more about the movie you can check it out on ImDb!

If you want to pick up the book you can check it out on Goodreads!

Now I'll peace out to you guys for now. You might here more from me this weekend! Let me leave you with this wonderful video of Dylan O'Brien leading a dance party on the set!

Have a good Labor Day Weekend!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

City of Bones Movie Review *SPOILERS*


I know I promised this Friday, but there were some complications to when I could get to the movie. 

Also, I'd like to mention that City of Ashes is being filmed as we speak and everyone is casted the same and such, and the Seelie Queen is in the process of being casted *Happiness* and it is expected to come out next year! CAN WE GET A WHOOP WHOOP?! *whoop whoops in the distance*

But now I'm here! Fair warning this review has many spoilers.


Clary Fray, our main character played by Lilly Collins, is portrayed quiet well in this. We get the fiery red hair, kind of short, but brave character we have in the book. Clary also is extremely confused and conflicted through out the movie, which I believe was great acting by Lilly's part. I don't believe I have an cons concerning this character.

Jace Wayland/Morgenstein is played by Jamie Campell Bower was not exactly how I thought of Jace, but we all have different images of him. I liked the "golden blond" hair and the overall physical stature, but the eyes set me off kilter. His eyes were more brownish, and didn't have that goldish shine in the light, like they were supposed to have. I guess that would be a hard aspect to match, but it did annoy me slightly. His hair also tended to get in his face, A LOT. or his hair was just all over the place; not how I imagined the fine hair. This also might have just been a hard aspect to match, but it made serious monster fighting scenes seem hilarious. 

Robert Sheehan is Raziel's gift to fangirls everywhere. If you haven't seen a video of one of his many interviews, then I suggest you stop reading and go. Now! Robert plays Simon Lewis in the movie, who already had the hearts of fangirls, with his nerdy gamer personality, and sweet innocence. I think this was also a spot on casting job. Robert had Simon's curly brunette hair, round dark eyes, and tall lankiness. He also got the "panicking because DEMONS and that guy is in love with my girl" acting down. No cons here. 

Other Characters:

Magnus Bane as Godfrey Gao was spectacular. His voice was a little lower than what I had imagined Magnus's, but that is just one of my many opinions. We didn't get too much Magnus in this movie, but we also don't get to much in the book, so there is not much I can go off of, but from what I saw, I approve.

Kevin Zegers as Alec Lightwood was ify. It was ify for me in the beginning too, when I first saw the trailer, but I feel a tad bit more confident with the character portrayal. I definitely liked the attitude towards Clary, and surprise towards Magnus and heartbreak from Jace. So it's a conflicted battle that I will probably not make mind up about until City of Glass (because we all know how that turns out)! 

Johnathan Meyers for Valentine was kind of creepy. I first of all found out that he was Henry the Eighth in another thingy, and that just blew my pants off. The visage and physical portayal was good, but he kind of got too touchy-touchy with Clary for my taste. He was petting her and like "You shall love me". I see where Sebbie get's it for anyone who's read City of Lost Souls. It was pretty decent. Just decent.

Raphael Santiago WAS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND LIKE WHAT IN HADES HE'S LIKE ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS. At least the Seelie Queen is cast for the next movie. 


Ugh. This always where the movies go wrong. 

I don't even know where to start.

It got a lot more plot points correct than Sea of Monsters (which you can read about here).

OKAY. Clary and Jace had this weird thing going on in the beginning, like they would fall on each other and star at each other and it would be really awkward for the audience (and Simon). Also, the jokes (which are exactly scripted from the book *applause*) were so tense and not at all that funny. Like it was just wasn't happy enough. Funny enough. 

They also revealed *BIG SPOILER* that Jace and Clary weren't brother and sister before it was even revealed that they were (pfft). 

Also there many scenes that were reversed, that didn't have the right people, weren't in the right place and all that.

Another detail that really caught me though that Simon didn't get turned into a rat. I know, I know, it's a dumb thing to fret over, but he was bitten by vampire instead or biting a vampire. I liked it in the books, because it isn't the stereotypical way of becoming a vampire. 

That's it for my review, but since I'd prefer to end on a happy note...


Okay *deep breath*
Farewell lovlys, see ya Thursday!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

8/22/13: Zombies, Shadowhunters, and Tears OH MY!

Hey guys! 

I have a good deal to talk about in this post, but, come on, when don't I? First off let's talk about Cassandra Clare. 

Cassandra Clare has written a boat load of books. All in the same category or "world". That is the Shadowhunter world. Shadowunters are humans that have angelic blood, and protect the world from demons, and rouge downworlders. Downworlders are anything from faeries to werewolves to vampires to warlocks (and rumoured zombies). They tend to help keep peace, but, not always. The main character is a sixteen year old ginger living in Brooklyn, Clary Fray. She and her nerdy (and totally hot) best friend to a club called the Pandemonium, and that my friends, is when the pandemonium starts. We also meet more wonderful and well developed characters like Magnus Bane, our magnificently glittified warlock, Alec and Isabelle Lightwood, two badass siblings that kick demon buts with gold whips and beautiful dark locks, and finally, last but certainly not least, our protective, duck fearing, demon slaying, sassy, natural blonde Jace Herondale. 

Yesterday, the movie adaptation to the first book was released in theaters (in America). I will not be seeing it until Friday do to school (pfft). On Friday I will hopefully write out a full review if I have time, like I had for Percy Jackson. It will contain spoilers but I will mark it as so.

To Look Up Cassandra Clare's Works:

City of Bones
City of Bones Movie Trailer
City of Ashes
City of Glass
City of Fallen Angels
City of Lost Souls (fair warning you might cry)
AND SOON TO BE RELEASED (Spring 2014) City of Heavenly Fire

She has also written:

The Infernal Devices Prequel Trilogy
The Magnus Bane Chronicles




Allison Hewitt our female protagonist, works in a bookshop when it happens. She and her fellow employees and customers get themselves in the break room and look the industrial doors. Allison finds herself a computer and gets on SNet, a government ran wireless system, and blogs. Yes blogs. She blogs about her story as she fights to find her mother, struggles with thieves and extremely religious housewives who want to repopulate the earth and set fire to the damned (humans and undead alike). She also finds love and trust in other characters that she meets along the way. Will Allison find her mother? Will she fall in love? Will she find a safe place to hide? Will she become undead?

Find out in this thrilling All-American Zombie novel! And don't forget to read the sequel!


Allison Hewitt is Trapped
Sadie Walker is Stranded 


This is one exceptional book. We start out with the character Miles "Pudge" Halter, a kind of shy guy who has an obsession with remembering last words. He goes off to a boarding school for the first time to search for his "Great Perhaps". He meets many friends along his way including his roommate and capital-population-country memorizing Chip Martin, and the wild and free Alaska Young. Read the spectacular and memorable pranks, the self-realizations, and the budding friendships and romances.

John Green, as I send in my previous blog post, knows how to break a heart. Each one of his novels, makes you pause and look at the world in a whole new way. It makes you fall in love with the characters and the situations and the placing. 

If you didn't already know about the world renowned fandom that he and his brother started way back in 2007 with his brother, than I suggest you listen up. Nerdfighteria is a base of millions of kids and teenagers and adults all around the world aiming to decrease world suck. Two times a week John and his Hank post videos about world problems, John's books, puppy-sized elephants, or anything they bring up. They have educational channels and the support other youtubers like Tyler Oakley and Emily from the Brain Scoop and Vsause. I adore the heck out of these two guys and I hope you do too!


Looking for Alska

Hank and John's videos: 

How to be a Nerdfighter

See you guys hopefully Friday, for the City of Bones Review!
Until then...


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

8/15/2013: Looking Forward, Kathrine, and Gatsby


I have many thing to go over today, but first I'll discuss countdown dates!

First off, Rick Riordan's House of Hades comes out on October 8th, which is in 53 days. This book is the fourth installation in the Heroes of Olympus series and will hopefully resolve last falls tragic cliff hanger. Rick has said there to be tartarus Percabeth scenes, and this book has been critically viewed to be the Percabeth Book that fans have been waiting for. Rick has announced tour dates, and I would get them while they're hot! He is turning into quite the J.K Rowling icon, according to the signing I attended three years ago. Here is the list of locations:

For your information, I will be attending the St.Louis Public Library Event, so if you see someone wearing a Camp Half-Blood shirt that's me! Hmm... that might be a little vague... I will probably have some way of advertising my user in the public, but for now, I suggest you come (ONCE IN A LIFE TIME PEOPLE I SWEAR HE'LL GO INTO HIDING LIKE ROWLING!)

The second thing we are patiently (not) awaiting is Veronica Roth's Alliegant. This is aimed to come out on October 22nd, which is in 67 days. We have a good wait ahead of us. It is to be told in not only Tris's point of view, but Four's (ohmygods yes). It is going to be the stunning conclusion to the Divergent trilogy. All I've heard is that we will get to see the other side of the famous fence! Time to get excited my friends!

Other Events to look forward to:

Catching Fire: November 22nd, 2013: 98 days
The Maze Runner Movie: February 28, 2014: 196 days
The Divergent Movie: March 13, 2013: 209 days


I did finish rereading the original Percy Jackson series, and instead of reviewing it on here (because that would take forever) you can read them here. Let's just say it was amazing as always. Absolutely brilliant.

I DID read An Abundance of Kathrines by John Green. 

I have to say it was an amazing book. We take a nerdy, obsessive, child prodigy, Colin, who got dumper by his nineteenth Kathrine. Yes Kathrine. He has dated nineteen girls with the name K-A-T-H-R-I-N-E. He takes this one pretty hard, so his chubby and Judge Judy obsessed friend, Hassan, takes him on a Road Trip. They take an exit that leads them to Gutshot, Tennessee. And this exit changes their lives. We watch character's develop and crash and burn. We read determination and love and heartbreak. We see sides of people we never thought we'd see.

Another thing that really grasped my heart and got me into this book was the math (don't freak out). Colin, within the development of the book, creates a Theorem, trying to predict relationships, and help you figure them out through equations.

It was a spectacular book and I was hooked right off the back. Honestly, John Green has never failed at capturing my heart, even reading his zombie novels (which are free here).  I suggest you read all his books.

That's it for this Thursday guys! See you after I start school and read Looking For Alaska!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Percy Jackson and The Singer of Apollo and The Transfer and The Lightning Thief Original Movie Script (It's worse)

Hey Guys!
Happy Thursday (Or Thor's Day)!

Small note before we start: I'am going to regularly post every Thursday.

Okay! Let's Start:

The Book News for this week starts with Rick Riordan's upcoming short story Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo!

It is based right after The Last Olympian, at Grover's Birthday. It will be the first time we've heard from Grover since the end of the Percy Jackson series. It is targeted to come out September 17th of this year, less then a month from our long awaited House of Hades.

Listen to Rick Riordan himself read the first chapter here!

The second Book News this week is the soon to be release of Veronica's Roth's first part in the collection of short stories in Four's POV! Just recently the cover was released.

Absolutely beautiful graphics! Can't wait to see Part 1/4 September 3rd!

And finally, this you have to read. The ORIGINAL LIGHTNING THIEF MOVIE SCRIPT.

May I suggest pages 63, 115, 59.

That's all I have for this post this week, but catch me next Thursday!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sea of Monsters: A Movie Review *MAY BE SPOILERS*

Last night. At 10 pm. The famed series, and the sequel to the notorious first film. Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters everyone. And let me just say, I clap my hands toward the directors and producers.

Let's start with casting and character portrayal:

Logan Lerman played the series main character Percy Jackson. I definitely loved the blue eyes and the dark hair. He was even the right height! The sass levels were kind of low (Percy in the series tends to be quite sassy), but he still did a good job portraying the attitude. Also, in the book, Percy tends to ask for his father, or hopes to have help from his father. This shown very well in the film. But there were cons. In the movie they try to focus on how Percy is treated like a loser at camp. No one likes him. I think this is kind of off the scale. At camp, Percy is supposed to feel at home. He is supposed to be accepted not bullied. I didn't like this at all.

Moving on to Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth Chase. Annabeth, in the books, is quite the smart ass. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing. She is a powerful heroine and a smart decision maker. In the movie, Annabeth is portrayed as kind of naive. And this bothered me. As we sink into the movie she becomes stronger as a character but still. Also, when they meet Luke on the Princess Andromeda, Annabeth is hurt that Luke betrays her and Thalia. In the movie this is shown truly as an underscore. There is a line where Annabeth tries to make Luke feel guilty, but it is a weak line. Otherwise, her visage was exceptional. Her eyes were the stormy gray that Percy always mentions. Her hair was blonde, but not the "princess curls" that Percy describes.

Clarisse's attitude was exceptional. The "this is my quest and I am going to please my father" attitude was spot on. But I pictured Clarisse more bulky. Just my opinion.


Yeah... no. Not one bit. They really messed up in this category. They didn't have the right monsters or situations that really build the series. They didn't visit the right places. It was kind of annoying. Another point is that they mentioned to much of the main prophecy in this movie, which we don't learn to much about till Titan's Curse. Also, the age in the prophecy is TWENTY. WHAT IN HADES. IT SUPPOSED TO BE SIXTEEN NOT TWENTY.

That angered me. But there are a lot of plot holes, including Kronos and the prophecy.

Also, they weren't wearing the famed orange Camp Half-Blood shirts.

And then we learn that Chris Rodriguez,Silena Beauregrad, and Ethan Nakamura were traitors in this movie. That was NOT supposed to happen. Although Chris looked spot on character wise. I'll give them that.

But there were some things in the movie that really impressed me.

Jake Abel as Luke. Spot on.

The flashback seen in the beginning of the movie, although Thalia doesn't have her famed shield, Aegis.

The details in the graphics in the monsters, and Percy's sword.

And, of course, Thalia at the end of the movie. At that part I was in tears. The dialogue was spot on. I was absolutely in bliss.

Overall, it was an interesting movie. It was most definitely better than the first movie (which we do not speak of). The graphics and MOST of the characters were spot on. But there were some definite plot holes which made me sad. I don't know where they plan to go from here but it definitely left room for a sequel. Let's cross our fingers on a good Nico Di Angelo and Zoe Nightshade.

That's it for now but expect another post tonight!

~ Monty