Thursday, August 8, 2013

Percy Jackson and The Singer of Apollo and The Transfer and The Lightning Thief Original Movie Script (It's worse)

Hey Guys!
Happy Thursday (Or Thor's Day)!

Small note before we start: I'am going to regularly post every Thursday.

Okay! Let's Start:

The Book News for this week starts with Rick Riordan's upcoming short story Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo!

It is based right after The Last Olympian, at Grover's Birthday. It will be the first time we've heard from Grover since the end of the Percy Jackson series. It is targeted to come out September 17th of this year, less then a month from our long awaited House of Hades.

Listen to Rick Riordan himself read the first chapter here!

The second Book News this week is the soon to be release of Veronica's Roth's first part in the collection of short stories in Four's POV! Just recently the cover was released.

Absolutely beautiful graphics! Can't wait to see Part 1/4 September 3rd!

And finally, this you have to read. The ORIGINAL LIGHTNING THIEF MOVIE SCRIPT.

May I suggest pages 63, 115, 59.

That's all I have for this post this week, but catch me next Thursday!

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