Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Reading Slumps

So, all of your have to be back in school about now, wherever you live.

I just started my first year of high school, and am incredibly tired and angry all the time. That's what I was warned about.

I also was told I wouldn't have time to read. And I didn't believe that; until it happened.

The first month and a half of school has been painful and continues to be painful, both physically and mentally.

And they were all right. I didn't have time to read. I didn't have time to do anything I love to do (playing music, writing songs, writing stories, reading books). And that made me fall deeper into myself and deeper into the black whole that is school.

Sure education is important, but is it really that important when you are tearing yourself apart to even scratch the surface of succeeding or if you can't do what you love to do.

And I think that is where (American) educations has fallen out.

But luckily, I have found time to read. I am trying to read at least a hundred pages a school night, and two hundred throughout the whole weekend.

It means that I don't get very much sleep at night, because I study till nine o'clock and read for about an hour and half afterwards, but that doesn't really matter to me anymore.

I will live off of six or seven hours of sleep if reading and studying can coincide in my life.

But that's how I'm feeling right now. I will try to get more posts out, but it is harder nowadays. I love this blog, but, as I said above, time is precious and little to none.

If any of you are having the same problem, I feel for you and would love to talk to you. But for now, have a good day or night and good luck in life.


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