Monday, October 6, 2014

Prepping for the End

This book, these books, built me, structured me, into who I am today.

I saw people writing their story, so I thought it was about time wrote mine to remember who I have become and to honor the books that opened me to a new world.

I had just finished Harry Potter, and it was the summer between fourth and fifth grade. I don't remember exactly how I first learned about them, but I do remember borrowing the first book, The Lightning Thief, all tattered and ripped from my neighbor, and then I read all of them. In two weeks, I was absolutely changed and obsessed. Those five books became my world and my mantra.

The new school year started off, a bit roughly, but I excitedly awaited The Lost Hero. I remember dragging my mom to a huge school, where Rick himself would be appearing, signing up for my library card, getting a free umbrella, and waiting in line for six hours to meet the man himself.

This is a bit of sidenote, but I didn't know anyone there, and I don't remember being that social, but there was one person there that I would, two years later, become best friends with and travel to far off lands to go to Comic Con together.

So I met him, stunned into silence, and only getting the courage to choke out my name when he asked.

He signed my book and I was the happiest girl in the world.

The school year continued on and I went through some darker points and showed that it was time to change schools.

The new school year came and so did Son of Neptune. Then the next year, and by that time, I was obsessed with the young adult genre. I wrote fanfiction and I blogged and I fangirled about it.

I was bloody unstoppable.

I stayed up until midnight to read the reuniting seen of my favorite couple. I read it throughout the day and tried to wipe away obvious tears when I read it under the desk in the middle of class.

I was Annabeth for Halloween. I was proud.

I did the exact same for House of Hades and my friends said I was crazy (even though they totally understood).

Percy Jackson got me through dark times. Times when I thought I would be consumed by work and school. Times when I questioned who I was, what I wanted to become, how I would let the world affect me.

So, I guess here's the point where I go through the seven individually.

  • Percy Jackson: Be you, because no matter how dorky, scared, or confused you are, being you will keep you grounded. Be your own hero, and make sure you protect the people you care about the most before anyone else. Stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves because you know what it's like to not be able to stand up for yourself.
  • Annabeth Chase: Intelligence is beautiful and strong. You don't need to be skinny or stupid to fit in when you can rule the whole world by being bold and smart. I idolize Annabeth Chase, and I will continue to idolize her. 
  • Thalia Grace:  Be punk rock cause nothing is better than punk rock. 
  • Grover Underwood: Your idols can let you down, so become your own and change the world. 
  • Jason Grace: Be brave and be a leader, but know when to be a follower. 
  • Piper McClean: Be beautiful, bold, and witty. Love love, but don't encompass yourself around it. This was a good thing for my young (and current) self to know. 
  • Hazel Llevesque: Live a bit in the past, but not too much. You have to develop who you become, you aren't immediately great. 
  • Frank Zhang: Awkwardness is key. It keeps you who you are and humble. 
  • Nico di Angelo: Stop hiding, holding grudges, and closing yourself off. Fight your demons. And maybe, every once and a while, trust someone. 
  • Bianca di Angelo and Zoe Nightshade: Be brave and don't fear the unknown. 
  • The Mentors (Chiron, Hedge, etc.): Listen to your teachers, cause sometimes, they might have something useful to say.
This is my family. I will love and defend these characters with my final breath. I am so thankful to have these books. I never thought I'd be here, five years later. But the real question is, 

Do I really have to grow up just because its over?

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